Thank You!

Shaun Tanaka, Samantha Shwartz, Paige Belfer, Grace Mekrut ,

Elizabeth Hursh, Lucy Wirtz, Sarah Vargas, Sophia Monferrato and the entire COREdinators crew for organizing and executing the best COREchella to date!

To our talented performers—


Brandon Le


Ford McDill

Julia Denny

Nyah and Nicole

Veronica Mahoney

Katie Song


Niki and Aidan

Pink Aftermath

Eunice and Kotama

Early Tuesday

The Sunstones

KC & the J Band



Odyssey Club

Poor Yorick

–all of whom were fantastic!

KIIS FM for hosting the outdoor stage!

Naomi Grossman for hosting the indoor stage!

DJ Odin Smith for keeping the crowd hyped all night!

Henry Meiman, Betsy Meiman,  and Cameron Yassaman for coordinating the musical production!

Kim and David Daniel for running the COREchella Café!

Leah Silbert for hosting the VIP (Very Important Parent) Lounge!

Pepper Starobin for organizing parent volunteers!

Kat McDonough for handling the finances!

Richard Gallegos and our patient, watchful security staff!

Spencer Goldfarb for designing our COREchella 2018 t-shirt!

Caytlynn Dilley for their graphic design support!

Debi Marton for her help with printing!

our parent volunteers for their contributions to the Silent Auction and for their on-site support!

Ms. Seubert and the KCAV crew for filming the event!

Ms. Prato and yearbook students for managing the ever-popular COREchella photo booth!

Alondra Prato for photographing the event!

Mr. Basinger for securing our delicious food trucks!

Victor and Maria– our wonderful custodial staff!

Spencer Goldfarb and Daniel Kantor for creating this year’s COREchella promo video!

Rachel Gale for creating our COREchella host video!

all who donated items to the Silent Auction and the COREchella Cafe! our amazing student COREdinators who made the event welcoming and organized!

To our Emerald Partner:

Pacific Union International

To our Gold Partners:

Click 2 Drive

Pair Orthodontics

Premier College Guidance

Ahn Family

Corbin Gentle Dental

To our Silver Partners:

Boulderdash Indoor Rock Climbing

Orange Law Offices


To our COREchella Partners:

Scott & Julia Wirtz

Segal Family

Tanaka Family

Knight Family

Adelman Family

Denny Family

Kim & Amir Shlesinger

Pellegrini Family

Klasky-Gamer Family

Block Family

Wu Family

Lam Family

Joffe Family

Silbert Family

Rappaport Family

Daar & Newman, Lawyers

Smart & Final

Seth Burleigh for designing and maintaining our fabulous COREchella website and program!

The Fabulous CORE 4 + 1 — Gayle Denny, Julietta Esquivelzeta, Evette Knight, Samantha Koerner and Jill Harris—  for organizing and managing the Silent Auction and sponsorships, and for all you do for the teachers, students, and parents of our beloved Magnet!

Ms. Macon for being our rock!

Teachers, administration, and attendees for making COREchella 2018 the best yet!